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All in a day's job!


Front-End Developer/Designer

I am a visual person, the kind who learns/remembers best by seeing. I take delight in looking at nice interfaces, and I love those with subtle transitions. A flat interface does not have to be boring!

While front-end is my specialty, I do full-stack too, better versed in #PHP #MySQL, working with #Codeigniter and #Drupal. Also, I have tried my hands on #Ruby, #Java and #C++!

Recently, I have also been going to @kopijs and helping beginners to learn #Javascript!

My current work experiences:

Scroll down for some of the highlights!

Charts + Vizs

The first installment of my charting + visualizations works.

Taking apart an integrated dashboard of charting tools into its individual components, this is built using AngularJS, with the help of Yeoman Angular.

A simple showcase of how data can be loaded on demand, and visualized right away. Will be posting a Gitlab link to this project in a while!

Demo Link


Built using Zencart, this site showcases the various hand-made jewelleries by Japanese makers.

With these much beautiful adornments, the site design cannot pale in comparison! Weeks of window shopping for ladies' accessories and magazine reading, I came up with this design (after many iterations).

Company Website

Pure HTML, CSS with a dash of JS and Flash(!)

I re-skinned the design of the company's website based on the client's requirements. There were a number of takeaways from this project, one of them being the concept of "intrinsic".

What's Next?

Currently assembling my latest works into bite-size Single Page Applications (SPA) for the site!

When I'm not coding, I indulge in reading new updates from SmashingMagazine, CSS Tricks, DWB, and more!

Need help in building a web app, getting your website up, or design stuffs? Feel free to reach out to me via @kerion!